Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Speed Trap

So I'm sitting at the door today, looking longingly out at the frisbee on the porch, and I notice there are some cops hanging out at the top of our drive. What are they up to, I wonder. Behold! Miracle of miracles! They are pulling people over for speeding. Those people that blaze by on my street, in huge SUVs and fancy sports cars at 50 MPH. The ones who didn't even slow down when I escaped the dog run that one time and went up onto MacArthur to hitch a ride. Man are they gonna slow down today. Thank you Montgomery county police! I even went up to thank them personally, but they were too busy busting people for me to lick them. So awesome!

Yesterday was another great day, by the way. I was preparing to entertain guests in the evening -- my buddy Atlas the 6 mo. old beagle, who I'd never met but loved on first site, and wrestled with and chomped on all night while everyone else ate and gabbed.

I'm always the first to figure out what's going on, so while we were waiting for Atlas, there was someone else--a stranger--at the door, I sat there and checked her out intently from behind the screen. She was a lovely golden retreiver --- we recognized her from the house across the creek. When we opened the door, she came bolting in, made a beeline for my bowl and downed all the rest of my food. Go Molly! We called her parents, and indeed, she had just wandered across the creek into our yard and walzed right up to the front door. Rad! She and I played in the creek, which is gross but I like it.

Then Atlas showed up and we went at it for several hours. Whew! I'm actually worn out, between puppy playtime and jogging a mile in the afternoon. I could have gone farther, but SOMEBODY gets all tired and sweaty.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Great to be a dog

Man, it is great to be a dog. It's no wonder I can always be so happy and loving--I don't have to worry about a damn thing.

I had another trip to the dog park yesterday, where I gnawed on a fluffy white dog, and she gnawed on me. I was fascinated by the balls on this one weird pug dog, but he didn't seem to want anything to do with me, as he was busy peeing on everything. But of course, that didn't bother me at all. It's awesome having no earthly concerns beyond how to get another treat and where to find something good and smelly to chew on.

It's no skin off my nose that the phone that rang all day today, though I do jump up to answer it, just to make it look like I care. When the landlord called to say that the lease prohibits dogs in the shack we live in, and my owners will have to pay an additional $200 doggie damage deposit...well, you can pretty much guess my reaction. Tail wag! Look Cute! Lay my warm head on her foot and....

It's really not my problem. But then again, nothing is.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Big Day

Today I was a dog on the move.

You should always swim with a buddy.
Playtime at the dogpark. This is Lilly. She's alright.
I think it's better than the way you greet people. This is Nafizza, she looks like a tiger.
These random women bathed me for charity. They were cool. The indignity was brief.

The Beaver is disgusting.
I taught someone how to play fetch this Morning. What a day! This wasn't all, but I need a nap now, bad.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Under the weather

Feel so blurgy today, I think I have a little lurgy. The Vet called me a crybaby. I think it was something I ate. Now I get to eat cold, bland oatmeal and mope around the house. Feel free to send getwell wishes.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Seen any good flicks lately?

I prefer dogumentary. We rented a good one last night called "Overnight." It was hilarious. Get it from Netflix. No, I'm not putting "Must Love Dogs" on our cue.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Went for a hike

Here I am hiking along the Potomac.