Thursday, September 08, 2005

Is you is a dog

I'm a star pupil at puppy school. The Petsmart training system involves a lot of positive reinforcement, i.e. Treat-o-rama for a good dog like me. The blue shirt lady has the best treats, she rules. I do everything she says: down, stay, wait, leave-it and come. I'm teacher's pet. In the photo on the left I attempted to trade her the ball for the chihuahua. She wasn't going for it.

The teacher said I should start real obedience training. I'll be the smartest dog in the world! Annie Minnesota already thinks I'm pretty smart. So does Gwadzilla. Imagine how impressed they'll be when I rescue lost people from rubble, sniff out bombs and land mines, and alert you when Jimmy falls down in a well. I also want to become the National Obedience Champion. We're going to the Capital Dog Training Club. I'm looking forward to it. I hope they have good treats. Not that I'm picky.

You can see my school friends Axel, Mercy and Crumb are rather small. Lucy and Ethel are antisocial chihuahuas. I feel like an enormous oaf around them. I prefer larger breeds. On Labor Day we were hanging out at the park, kinda lonely, when suddenly a huge Doberman went streaking by! Then a Golden Retriever, another GSD, a Lab and several beautiful mixed breeds named Aurora and Rosie. There were 9 all together, I was in heaven. I had just encountered the temporary charges of one Frank Montoya of Waggy Walkys, a dog walking service. I hope we can find Frank again, I can't believe how lucky he is that people pay him to hang out with all those great friends.


At 10:27 AM, Blogger gwadzilla said...

hey izzy-
my owners took me to Capitol as well..
it was funny
we never did our homework... then in class we behaved like we were in the military
there were other dogs that did their homework... but got distracted in class... their owners looked stupid

on thing
don't let your owner send you into another room while they have dinner
as it is fun being under the table snatching scraps
especially now that they have kids
those little ones have no idea
they start gesturing with their hands...
and bam!
that slice of pizza is mine

gotta roll
time to bark at the mailman
roscoe (brother to brutus)

At 11:39 PM, Blogger Frank said...

Hi, this is Frank with Waggy Walkys. I ran across this blog and was happy to see it. My website is and my toll free number is 1888-Walk-The(Dog).Thanks for your nice comments!


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