Tuesday, September 13, 2005

I swear i was framed

Ok, it wasn't me. I'm not even sure what it was I did, but somehow I ended up in prison. This fluffy blue dog bed somehow ended up shredded, and all over the living room in VA with the white carpet. I don't see what the big deal was, one minute I was romping happily with Jake, the friendliest black Lab with the hugest head ever. His dad is Christopher, who agreed to watch us both over the weekend while my parents toured for 184 miles to raise money for Alzheimers. It was going to be a great weekend, Jake and I bonded immediately, he pooped in the living room, we were left alone on Friday morning, and that's when the destruction began, but I swear...

We were busted on Friday afternoon, whereafter it was discovered I had a little cyst thing on my tummy -- also not my fault -- and they whisked me away to jail. To add to the humility, I had to wear a lampshade the whole time I was in the slammer. It blew.

I've never been so excited as the minutes after they sprung me. I was walking kinda funny after the prison experience, and I developed a habit of barking a lot and eating poo. I've pretty much gotten used to life on the outside again, running free in the park and chasing my bong. I'm on the straight and narrow now. I'm a changed dog.

In other developments:

I get to go to my first 'cross race on Saturday, team BBQ on Sunday, and hopefully sometime this week I'll get to play with Jake again. Even though he set me up, I think he's dreamy.


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